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 投稿者:Billyメール  投稿日:2018年 8月18日(土)14時34分58秒
  通報 編集済
  We Are the World 2018~diva for West Japan
                       August 18, 2018
♪1st Stage 19:45~21:00
1 じみっきー(Ray Charles)/ Friends/ Bette Midler
2 rockmure (Al Jarreau)/ Superstition/ Stevie Wonder
3 HAMA (Michael Jackson)/ Ben/ Michael Jackson
4 mika (Tina Turner)/ Proud Mary/ Tina Turner
5 まこさん@実は父方のルーツが岡山(Billy Joel)/ Sweet Home Chicago/ The Blues Brothers
6 Kimiyo (Diana Ross)/ I'm So Excited/ The Pointer Sisters
7 CATTLE Valey (La Toya Jackson)/ We Didn't Start The Fire/ Billy Joel
8 みやもっちゃん (Kenny Loggins)/ Longest Time/ Billy Joel
9 ohuchi (Willie Nelson)/ Walking On A Thin Line/ Huey Lewis & The News
10 ギャプー (Lionel Richie)/ Heartbreaker/ Dionne Warwick
11 riri (Kim Carnes)/ Bette Davis Eyes/ Kim Carnes
12 YoYo (Cyndi Lauper)/ Girls Just Want To Have Fun/ Cyndi Lauper

Break 21:00-21:15

♪2nd Stage 21:15~
13 Billy (Quincy Jones) & ouchi/ Endless Love/ Dianna Ross & Lionel Richie
14 TOSHI (Paul Simon)/ The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)/ Simon & Garfunkel
15 James (Bob Dylan)/ Just Like A Woman/ Bob Dylan
16 いっちー♀ (Dionne Warwick)/ To Feel The Fire/ Stevie Wonder
17 Itchie (Steve Perry)/ I Stand Alone/ Steve Perry
18 Mr.Cheerful (Kenny Rogers)/ Heart To Heart/ Kenny Loggins
19 SOZO (James Ingram)/ Just Once/ James Ingram
20 鬼太郎 (Stevie Wonder)/ Lately/ Stevie Wonder
21 Stevie Nikki (Huey Lewis)/ Dreamtime (コーラス大募集)/ Daryl Hall
22 やのっち (Daryl Hall)/ Man In The Mirror/ Michael Jackson
23 ビリトン (Bruce Springsteen)/ Banana Boat (Day-O)/ Harry Belafonte

♪3rd Stage 22:45~23:15
diva All Stars/ We Are The World/ USA for Africa

1 Lionel Richie/ ギャプー
2 Stevie Wonder/ 鬼太郎
3 Paul Simon/ TOSHI
4 Kenny Rogers/ Mr. Cheerful
5 James Ingram/ SOZO
6 Tina Turner/ mika
7 Billy Joel/ まこさん
8 Michael Jackson/ HAMA
9 Diana Ross/ Kimiyo
10 Dionne Warwick/ いっちー♀
11 Willie Nelson/ ohuchi
12 Al Jarreau/ rockmure
13 Bruce Springsteen/ ビリトン
14 Kenny Loggins/ みやもっちゃん
15 Steve Perry/ Itchie
16 Daryl Hall/ やのっち
17 Huey Lewis/ Stevie Nikki
18 Cyndi Lauper/ YoYo
19 Kim Carnes/ riri
20 Bob Dylan/ James
21 Ray Charles/ じみっきー
22 La Toya Jackson/ CATTLE Valey
23 Quincy Jones/ Billy

♪Free Stage 23:15~26:00


☆We Are The Worldの趣旨に沿い本日の売上金全額を2018西日本豪雨で被災した地域へ寄付します!
 皆さん沢山飲んでくださいね~♪                (今回は日本赤十字社を通して)

☆We Are The Worldは2回、練習と本チャンやります。せっかくなので本チャンは動画を撮り、

☆We Are The Worldの『虎の巻』まだ見てない方、せっかく作ったんで是非ご覧くださいね~♪

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